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After working closely with dentists and specialists across Sydney, we have unparalleled expertise of dental practice design, fitout, and operation. We use this experience and knowledge to design and build dental fit out for you that meets all your requirements. Our team of experts understand that your unique requirements of Dental Clinic Designs are different from other commercial interior designs. We are well aware of evolving dental surgery statutory and latest advancements in this field. This progressive approach makes us different as dental fitout specialists from other commercial or medical fit out companies.

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Our Process

As an expert dental practice fitout company, Akord can help you in finding the perfect location for your dental/medical clinic. Once, the location is all final, thereafter we follow progressive path of 3 steps that save your time and money. Our team of dental fitout specialists in Sydney, helps you at each and every step of site assessments, space plan & design and Interior Fitout. Check out the success story of our dental projects. The 3 steps of project completion process we follow:

Site Assessments

Before you purchase or rent the property, we listen to you and understand your style, as it is necessary for a successful outcome. Your space reflects your personality and vision for care. Our expert dental interior designers will develop a project brief with you and understand your needs, expectations and style. This initial understanding gives us an idea to proceed and also, provides you the opportunity to discuss with our dental interior designers about your work, your design and space expectations, equipment you need, and about your patients or any specific theme.

Does the property have enough space? Is the property’s air conditioning in a good state? Does the property have proper ventilation or natural light coming in? We move forward with your expectations and before purchasing or renting a property, we can do a site inspection and create a due diligence report for you to make sure whether the site is able to fulfil all of your requirements and expectations.

Space Plan & Design

The next step is to plan and design the clinic. Our team of dental architects and dental interior designers work together to create the best version of your clinic that will boost your efficiency, patient experience and storage needs. 

Our specialist dental architects can inspect the site and will tell you, whether to do the renovation or to demolish and rebuild the property.

And on the other hand, our team of dental interior designers can design the interior layout. This step will start with a list of requirements and we will merge this list with our experience and process to provide you the best outcome, our dental designers will design the layout to give you the most usable area.

Once the tenancy is identified we will do a space planning exercise to review a few options with you on the number of rooms we can fit in the space and check if we achieve what we discussed in the vision strategy workshop.  

Specific site conditions like structural columns, ceiling heights , access and foot traffic & visibility will be incorporated with the vision statement and sometimes this results in improving the brief a bit further.

We then work closely with your equipment supplier and document services and space required and incorporate each equipment with the design elements of the fitout. Our design process is extremely detailed and comprehensive where we combine branding, building codes, look and feel with ergonomics & services in a very seamless manner.

Interior Fitout/ Construction

Dental construction needs a deep understanding of the regulations and specific requirements each practice demands. Our experienced dental construction team and state based project managers use the latest technologies to construct the perfect building for you as per your dental needs and will follow all the dental regulations. 

We have a long established network with local trades and this is why we guarantee the highest quality workmanship and dental fitouts.

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