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With more than 20 years’ experience in various sectors of the construction industry, we realised that there is a lot more than the physical elements of a project. Human experience goes way beyond walls, doors or ceilings, and a lot of times it’s also way beyond the sensory experience of vision, touch or smell. While efficiency, process, cost & revenue are all measurable and very important deliverables, it’s very hard to gauge the feeling of satisfaction, excitement, calmness, acceptance, and belongingness when considering the human interaction with space. With time we realised that craftsmanship without proper processes can only deliver short-term results and incidental success.

Providing solutions to help you deliver long-term results and intentional success. Akord works as a Bridge between specific skill sets to deliver specific client/project needs. We enjoy how people come together to create a way of living or working and a pathway to success, for us this positivity of the whole process of conception, design, and execution during & after the project is extremely rewarding.

Friends of Akord

Exquisite design! Azhar transformed our office beyond belief. A harmonious blend of functionality, elegance, and sustainability. Highly recommend!

Afif Tahir

Akord led by Azhar are exceptional. Receptive and responsive – makes the process easy from the get go. A great eye for detail and design. Could not recommend highly enough.

Robin Hall

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the exceptional work of Akord Projects.They were asked to redesign a physiotherapy clinic.Their ability to fuse design elements with warm, welcoming materials has resulted in a health space that will offer a great user experience…

Orthosports Physiotherapy

Akord Projects installed soundproofing at our Pratice. They were professional and worked in such a way that they did not disrupt the workplace. We would be happy to recommend them.

Beth Matthew

I would definitely recommend Akord Projects to any dental practice owner who is planning to build or renovate their practice. I had a great experience working with Azhar. The whole process was well-planned and nicely executed.

Fatemeh Heidarygorji

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